We are the Chavarrias - generational coffee farmers who have known coffee not as a beverage, but as a craft. We have always dreamed of selling our coffee direct. We never imagined we would grow, ship and roast our own coffee, selling it to our friends and family. You are taking part in a dream come true for us. We feel truly blessed to share our journey and to bring you into our story.

For us and farmers like us, the early 2000s were known as 'The Coffee Crisis'. Coffee prices dropped to below $.70 per pound, all but the wealthy farmers went into tremendous debt and the banks bought up every coffee plantation they could find for pennies on the dollar. We lost our farm to predatory bankers but have been given the opportunity to battle back.

 We have been blessed with dear friends like Paul Kurtz, a fellow coffee enthusiast and roaster, who continues to walk alongside us. He saw the good in buying direct from the farmer, in setting a new standard in coffee which demands that farmer and roaster share in this journey - as partners, not as opposite ends of a negotiation. We are committed to doing the same for other small farmers around the world.

Cafe Diego is our family brand of specialty coffee grown under a natural rainforest canopy in the Matagalpa Highlands. Mueva coffee is our avenue to bring this brand, and in the future the brand of other farmers, directly to the consumer.