When will I receive my coffee order?

Orders typically ship within 2 business days.

When will I receive my subscription coffee?

Orders will ship within 3 business days.

For subscriptions your first month of coffee will ship within 3 business days of placing your order. You will then receive your next month's coffee the first week of each  month.

If you have any additional questions about your order, please contact us at orders@muevacoffee.com

Subscription shipping is included in pricing. 3+ bags ships for free. 1 or 2 bags ship for 5.50.

Can I specify roasts?

We go through a meticulous process to select the ideal roast for each coffee - performing public cuppings with clients and customers to find that perfect, 'mueva' profile. That said, we understand that coffee is personal and if you would like to experience certain roasts you can email us directly at info@muevacoffee.com.

What is Direct Trade?

It is our mission to honor and respect the hard work put into each cup of coffee by the farmers and their communities. It is the realization that there is no justice in a farmer laboring all year to grow his crops - only to struggle to put food on his family's table. And it is the calling to do something about it. In short - we and our direct trade partners buy coffee direct from the farmer. We pre-pay our coffee to provide the money needed to manage the pre-harvest and harvest and to keep our farmers away from predatory banks. And we pay fair prices to farmers based on their financial situation and cost to produce - paying little attention to fluctuating commodity prices.